Distinguishing Your Rental Business With Customer Service

customer service

Rentals are in demand. Not only does this bring in more business, but it also creates competition. As more rental properties are developed, it becomes increasingly important for you to have a distinguishable business.

When tenants start comparing properties line-by-line, many of them start to look similar. Tenants prioritize customer service during their apartment search because it’s an indicator of the experience the tenant will have living in the property. You can help distinguish and position your business as desirable among tenants by providing high-quality customer service to improve tenant experience.

We’re all customers. We all know what happens when we receive poor service: we leave. Tenants are no exception. According to a study by the National Apartment Association, 32.6 percent of tenants leave their current rental property for controllable reasons. Customer service was one of the top reasons for a resident’s relocation. Property management companies and landlords that choose to skimp on customer service will have a high turnover rate or struggle to fill vacancies.

In contrast, excellent customer service results in tenant satisfaction. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how you can maximize profits, retain tenants, and separate your business from competitors using customer service.

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