Draft Your Own Fantasy Real Estate League -- Use Zillow's Top 10 Pros List!


Source: Bangor Daily News

As real estate professionals, you work with hundreds, if not thousands, of others in the industry. You swap business cards (then misplace business cards) and then try to dig them up for clients. But, what if you could give a virtual high-five to the people you trust and want on your team?

Starting today, you can create your own fantasy real estate league by creating a Top 10 Pros list that will appear on your Zillow Profile page.


Top 10 Pros allows real estate professionals to give consumers an inside look at their top picks; whether it’s an agent recommending a mover, a mortgage lender recommending a roofer, or an inspector recommending an agent. The list is not meant to be a Rolodex of everyone you’ve worked with, but a list of the people you would hire for yourself and recommend to clients.

There’s no office pool, but the winners are you and your clients.

How to create your Top 10 Pros list:

To create your Top 10 Pros list, register or sign in, then go to your profile page and click on “Top 10 Pros” in the left-hand navigation. From this page, you can see which lists you are on and manage your own.

>> Go make your Top 10 Pros list!