Encourage Greener Living With Energy Efficiency Kits for Residents

energy toolkit for residents

Image by sridgway via Flickr

You’d love for your residents to conserve energy and lower the utility bills, but how can you encourage them to change their use habits? It’s difficult to change your residents’ lifestyles, but you can make it a lot easier by providing the tools for them to get started. Similar to leaving cleaning supplies under the sink within easy reach for renters to use them, providing a kit containing some simple energy efficient upgrades will help you jump-start your energy saving efforts. Stop telling your residents to conserve electric, water, and heat – give them the tools to actually do it in an energy efficiency kit.

What to put inside:


  • LED light bulbs: One of your residents’ halogen light bulbs will inevitably burn out, so make sure they have a spare LED bulb on hand, courtesy of the management. LED bulbs are more expensive than other options but last quite a few years more, not to mention use much less energy. Your residents might not have this in mind when they shop for replacements, most likely opting for the cheaper on-sale options.
  • Low-flow showerhead: The EPA reports that the average American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day, attributing 25 gallons of it to the shower. An easy way to help your residents conserve water is with low-flow shower heads, which can slash water usage by up to 70% at an upfront cost of less than $10. By providing low-flow showerheads, or even helping your residents install them, you can immediately start cutting your water costs.
  • Faucet aerators: Provide a simple faucet aerator in the kit that residents can screw on to the faucet head. An aerator is similar to a low-flow showerhead in that it will help residents save water, reducing the flow of water without reducing the pressure. Additional perks are reduced faucet noise and improved water pressure.
  • Smart power strip: Electronics and large appliances continue to use power even when the device is turned off, adding to the electricity bill. A smart power strip will cut the power to the plugged-in items when they’re turned off, as well as provide surge protection.
  • Switch sealers: Improve the insulation in your units by providing foam switch sealers – they can reduce the heating and cooling bill by up to 20%. Outlets and electric switch plates are common places where warm or cold air can seep in and out, lowering the energy efficiency of your building. If you’re worried about residents tampering with the outlets, have your maintenance team do the job.
  • Weather sealing tape: Weather tape is like thick Scotch tape that will prevent cold or warm air from seeping in. Your residents can apply it themselves, and it won’t leave a sticky mess when peeled off.
  • Energy conservation pamphlet: Give your residents a pamphlet or list with tips on how they can reduce energy usage and conserve water. Provide easy, actionable advice for your residents – educating them and spreading awareness can make a big difference in your energy efficiency efforts.

All of the items in this toolkit aren’t expensive to implement and will give you big returns on your energy bills. Use the toolkit as a resident welcome package, or hold a community-wide event to educate residents and send them home with tools they can start using immediately.