Facebook Apps Enhance Business Pages

Having a Facebook real estate business page is no longer a questionable requirement, it is essential. In today’s market and economy, having niche Facebook business pages for short sales, foreclosures, ranch properties, gated communities, luxury real estate, and other types of specialties can be very prosperous for your local marketing efforts.

When asked during this week’s Facebook Apps webinar if just having a profile on Facebook is enough, I’d like to share my response and suggestion. I think there are three big reasons why an agent SHOULD have a Facebook business page in addition to their personal Facebook profile page.

With a Facebook business page, agents can do things that they can’t do with just a profile.

1. Targeted Facebook ads.  The most targeted and best ROI when used strategically.
2. Building a database. Lead capture opportunities with the addition of Facebook apps.
3. Auto-feeding listings and local market reports so they are always updated and live.

Zillow’s Facebook apps provide value-added tabs of information for your clients and potential prospects visiting your local business pages. Add all your listings, share your client reviews, create a contact form, even provide visitors with local real estate market information. They are easy to use and free to install. (No programming or tech savvy experience required!)


Log in to Zillow.com. Hover your mouse over the “more” link located on the main page. Select “Widgets, Badges, and Data” option and link from the pull-down menu, then click on the “Facebook real estate apps” link.  Choose the app that you want to add, then click the “add this tab” link.  Simply connect your Facebook to Zillow, select the business page where you want the tab, and you’re done!

TIP/Hint: You can also save a little time just using the links I provided in the previous paragraph 😉