Gmail Trick That Can Save Your Rentals Reputation (flickr) (flickr)

Gmail is a system many of you are using professionally, so streamlining the way you interact with the service will save you time (and therefore money.) We’ve touched upon how canned responses can be useful for rental professionals as well as how to create them. Here is another valuable trick that will save you time and possibly your reputation.

Emails drafted and not meant to be sent yet, or at all, are liabilities. Emails sent with typos, grammatical mistakes, or factual errors that then have to be corrected can make someone look unprofessional. Thus, the chupacabra of Gmail tricks is a feature called “Undo Send.” When a message is sent accidentally or has an error, you can retrieve it (if you notice within a certain span of time) and the other person won’t receive it. You can then edit and resend, or choose not to send at all – and the person will not receive it in their inbox!

This feature, like Canned Responses, lives within the Labs section of Gmail. To install it into your system, go to the wrench icon in the top right corner of your screen and click “Settings”. On the top toolbar, Labs will be the third option to the right. The options within Labs are organized in a list in alphabetical order, so scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for “Undo Send”. Click the bubble that says “Enable”, and then the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

The feature will appear after you compose and send an email. You will have a few seconds whereupon a yellow dialogue box will appear at the top of your inbox that says “Your Message Has Been Sent” with “Undo” and “View Message” buttons. When this yellow button disappears, your message cannot be retrieved any longer to be unsent, but if you press the button within this time frame, it will unsend it and take you back to the draft composition of that message in case you just want to edit it for a mistake and resend it.

If ever you make one of these costly email mistakes, now there’s a safety net.