How Renters Choose Real Estate Agents

how renters choose agents

Image by hlkljgk via Flickr

The key to attracting more clients and generating qualified leads is to understand your renters. It’s important to know how renters search for agents and what they expect from your service so you can market in the right places and be in the perfect position to be found. Once you know what renters want in an agent, you’ll be able to focus your time and energy where it matters and provide better service to your clients.

Here’s how renters decide which agent they want to work with:

Ask for referrals and recommendations. Renters ask their friends, family, co-workers, and social networks for recommendations when it comes to finding a place to live. They’ll look you up and research listings online – this is why it’s important to manage your reputation and encourage your tenants to write reviews about their rental experience.

First impressions matter. When renters meet with an agent for the first time, they’ll go with their gut feeling. Experience matters, but renters will be looking for agents with a combination of knowledge, understanding, and experience. It’s important that everyone is comfortable with each other, and both you and the renter are at ease.

Look around the area. Agents commonly advertise with signs around the community, signs at the bus stop, or flyers on grocery store bulletin boards. Being present in the local scene makes agents appear knowledgeable about the market and vacancies the area.

Choose responsive agents. When renters are narrowing down their choices, they’ll go with the agent that responds to them quickly. No one wants to work with an agent that will leave them hanging for hours, or days, at a time. This is where being easy to contact and quick to reply to renter inquiries will pay off.

Go with an experienced agent. When renters speak with you, they want to feel they can communicate with you. Whether you’re talking about availabilities, preferences, or the real estate market, it’s important for the renter to feel that the agent is knowledgeable and experienced. Be sociable, know the right questions to ask a renter, and offer your advice.

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