How to Become a Trusted Property Manager

Trusted property manager

Victor1558 (Flickr)

We’ve discussed honesty and trust many times in the past. However, having renters trust you as a property manager is crucial. It could be the difference of whether you earn their business or not.

In a recent post we had about a young couple finding their first apartment, they quickly learned that having a property manager that they liked and trusted was important. Soon enough, they knocked down “in-unit washer and dryer” and moved up “good property manager” on their priority list in searching for an apartment.

Renters are looking to find property managers they can trust because they’re going to rely on property managers for many things including maintenance, resolving problems with neighbors, and property up keep. Here are a few tips on how you can build trust with prospective residents as a property manager:

Be professional and courteous on the phone.

When renters call to inquire about your properties, hold a professional demeanor. Renters are looking for property managers who have their act together. When you sound professional over the phone, renters get the impression that you run a professional business, which is what they’re looking for.

Dress up for showings.

First impressions count. Usually, the first time a property manager meets a renter is at the showing. Like a first interview, you need to dress for success. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to wear a full suit to every showing. “Business casual” attire will do. Opt for an ironed button up or a dress sweater and slacks. Having a polished, finished appearance communicates to prospective renters that you run your business professionally.

Don’t lie.

Hopefully, this tip is common sense. If you lie to renters, then they don’t have much reason to trust you in the future. So if your property has any shortcomings, it’s better for you to be upfront with it rather than glazing over the truth. For example, tell renters whether there are chips in the ceramic sink or if it gets really windy at night. If you hide the truth and your tenant finds this out later on, they could grow to resent you and your business. It’s best to be honest right off the bat so they have the right expectations of you.