How to Create a Public Relations and Media Plan for your Rental Business

marketing with public relations

Image by visual.dichotomy via Flickr

What if you could go beyond social media, traditional advertising, and websites to drive attention to your rental business? Developing a public relations campaign, or developing relationships with the media, will help you get your name out to a wider circle of people. Attaching your name to press releases, news articles, sponsorships, and speaking engagements can help you be seen as a real estate expert in your community, as well as advertise your business to a large audience. So how do you get started with setting up a public relations campaign?

First, you have to come up with a media plan. Just like with your other marketing campaigns, you need to set goals and objectives to measure success.  So what is the goal of your public relations campaign?

  • Establish you as an expert in real estate
  • Drive sales or leads to your business
  • Build your brand or professional image
  • Inform audience about your services
  • Reduce negative publicity

Decide on your objective so you can tailor the campaign to accomplish your goal.

Once you’ve narrowed down your objective, you need to develop timely, measurable goals to help you define success. Be specific: measure the impact of your campaign on visits, click-throughs, and visit-to-lead ratios, and look at results month over month. Your time is valuable, so make sure your media efforts are paying off over time.

Once you’ve set up a framework for measuring success, you need to make a schedule for your campaign. For example, you probably want to time a press release around a new product, event, or service announcement. By scheduling campaigns to coincide with your sales efforts you can drive more attention and awareness to a specific item you’re trying to push.

In order to maximize the impact of your campaign, you need to reach your target audience. Who are you trying to reach in your media efforts? What is the best outlet to reach them on? Determining the best avenue for communicating your message:

  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • Media interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Event sponsorships
  • Speaking engagements

Single out the channels that will best help you develop your message. Since most real estate businesses are local, try getting involved in your local newspaper, radio station, or community event. Research the ways you can get involved to fine-tune your media plan.

Once you reach out to media outlets and get involved, remember to track your success using the goals you set for yourself in your media plan. Review your progress regularly to make sure you’re on track.