How to Effectively Use Google Alerts for Rental Real Estate

Benson Kua (flickr)

Benson Kua (flickr)

One of the simplest tools in every real estate professional’s arsenal comes from Google – no surprises there. Google has so endlessly many internet properties, and this is just another of them, although arguably one of the easiest and handiest. Here are three ways you should be leveraging your Google Alerts to help, grow, and protect your business.

To search news you want to read

This will keep you up to date on the goings on in your field real estate. Think of the exact terms that most interest you, such as “property management” or “real estate marketing,” and you can get started discovering new resources and sifting through existing ones. Undiscovered gems (such as The Rental Standard!) may pop up, and you won’t have to read through every entire publication to find the information that’s most relevant to you. You can also use this to search local news for relevant stories or trends in your neighborhood.

To check your reputation

There’s no better way to start to managing your reputation on the internet than setting up a Google Alert for your name and your business names. You should always know when someone is publishing something about your brand or yourself.

To check your competitors

Almost as important as tracking your own and your company’s reputation is keeping abreast of the stories surrounding your competitors. It’s like the old adage says, keep your friends close and keep your enemies as close as a daily email or RSS.

To track your listings

A lot of websites will report your listings, so this can help you become aware of where else your information is popping up. Your listings are your product after all, so you need to know where they show up on the online marketplace.