How to Give Your Rental Property a Larger Curb Appeal

Increase rental property's curb appeal

Photo credit: Ken Doerr (Flickr)

What’s the first thing renters see when they approach your rental property? It’s not the living room or the kitchen. It’s the exterior of the property. If your rental property looks shabby on the outside, you’re creating more work for yourself—the interior of the unit needs to look extra polished to win over the tenants to compensate for the less-than-impressive exterior.

Take a hard look at the exterior of your property. Does it look like a place someone could call “home”? If it doesn’t, consider boosting its curb appeal. Here are three tips on how to increase your rental property’s curb appeal to attract more renters.

Tip #1: Change the front door.

This is the entry point to your potential renter’s future home. If the paint on the door is peeling or if the door is falling off its hinges, that’s not the best first impression for a renter.

Make sure the front door is nice and clean. Old, falling apart doors should be replaced. At the very least, update the door handles and locks.

Tip #2: Clean up the landscaping.

If you rent out a single-family home, mow the grass, trim the hedges, and add flowers. If your rent out a unit in a larger complex with less greenery outside, make sure the entrance to the property is generally clean. For example, pick up cigarette butts and other trash that may end up outside the property.

Tip #3: Update the lighting.

Some property showings happen after work hours. This means, it’s darker, and the lights will be turned on. Flickering or dim lights won’t highlight your property well, unless you’re showing a haunted house.

Update the lighting fixtures or use bright lights to make your rental property look cheery and welcoming.