How To Increase Your Content Distribution

increase content distribution

Image by battlecreekcvb via Flickr

Your website and blog have great content, but can people find it? You’ve put a whole lot of work into writing about your experience, sharing facts about the neighborhood, filming video tours, and writing detailed listings, but none of this matters if no one sees it. To make sure all your hard work is reaching your intended audience, you need to place your content where it will be found. Here are a few ways to expand your website’s reach.

Optimize your SEO and Keywords. Making sure your webpages are search engine optimized will help you move up the ranks in search engine results. First and foremost, writing useful content will help you attract your targeted audience, but using renter-specific keywords, links, and images will help search engines categorize your business and pull it up when it’s being searched. Find out what your visitors are searching for and tailor your site’s content to give them what they want.

Share on social media. Don’t just broadcast your vacancies on your social media accounts. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube’s viral qualities to drive more traffic to your content. When your followers find an article that’s useful, funny, or informative, they’ll share it. More shares, likes, and comments will expand your reach and draw in more potential customers.

Contribute guest posts. You’re an expert in your field with lots of help to offer landlords, property managers, and agents on how to successfully market and lease properties. If you keep up with real estate news websites and blogs, reach out to them and offer to write a guest article. Focus on offering advice and encouraging best practices, with a link that will lead readers back to your website. Through guest posting, you’ll be able to expose your content to a fresh audience, increase familiarity with your brand, and boost search and referred traffic.