How To Lease Like Batman

Lease like Batman

kevin dooley (Flickr)

Batman is different from other superheroes – he’s a normal guy who uses his brain and technology to fight crime in Gotham. No out-of-this-world superpowers or weird chemical transformations for him, just an average joe who relies on his wits. If Batman worked in rental real estate, he’d probably own the field with the same characteristics (okay, so he’d still fight some bad guys on the side). So what can you learn from Batman to succeed in rentals?

Use the latest technology. So your gadgets probably aren’t as cool as Batman’s, nor do you have a Batmobile, but hey, the concept is similar: if you’re using it right, technology will help you get your job done better, faster, and allow you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t. Like engage with your customers on social media, post your listing to 5 places with a click of a button, or send digital applications. Batman lives and breathes gadgets – do you?

Be smart. All that technology isn’t what makes Batman so clever. His ability to succeeds stems from using his resources to learn and get more information to figure out his cases. His utility belt just helps him. In real estate, having access to a smartphone or the MLS won’t make you a superstar; you also need to have the knowledge to use them to your advantage. Never stop learning as a real estate professional. Knowledge is what drives success.

Do your best. Batman commits himself to fighting crime and evil. He’s not always successful on the first try, but he does his best, driven by his principles. As a rental professional, he’d also commit himself to serving his clients, whether it is through giving them great customer service or helping them find the perfect apartment.

Ability comes from training. Batman didn’t become the success he is overnight – all that martial arts skill came with a lot of physical training. Similarly, being a great rental professional comes with experience. Over time, you’ll build your customer base, gain a great reputation in the community, build familiarity with area, and learn the ins and outs of the market. Batman doesn’t have a superpower or a ‘secret recipe’ (well, besides all that money for those tools), but he works hard and has the drive to succeed.