How to Prevent Rodents from Entering Your Property

How to prevent rodents from entering your property

Photo credit: Ernst Vikne (Flickr)

Using preventative measures to avoid rodents is better than dealing with an infestation. Dealing with rodents and pests in your rental property can be a mess. Not only will you have to deal with the critters, but you may also experience some tension with your tenants about whose responsibility it is to take care of it.

Rodent infestations are not forgiving. Rodents pose a health problem to tenants, and can carry parasites (like fleas, mites, and worms) or diseases. Not only that, but there’s also droppings and sometimes rodents die in the walls or ceilings, where they’ll attract insects.

To help avoid the situation all together, here are some preventative measures to keep the rodents out:

Close all the entry points. Nothing is more inviting than a gaping hole in a home. It’s easy access to food! Seal up all crevices, cracks, gaps, and holes around your property (around windows, under doors, by vents, near the foundation, in the roof, and by plumbing/electrical/gas lines). Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of half a quarter!

Fill small holes with steel wool and add caulk around it to keep it in place. For larger holes, use cement or metal sheeting.

Elevate piles of compost, leaves, and garbage. Keep piles off the ground to avoid critters from climbing up into them and burrowing in them. If rodents start burrowing, they could reproduce, causing your problem to multiply.

Block all vents. Block your exhaust vents, chimney, and dryer vents with metal mesh. You can buy wire-mesh or hardware cloth to allow air to still flow through, but keeping the rodents out.

To go “all natural”, use peppermint oil. Mice don’t like peppermint oil. Use a few drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls, and strategically place them in areas where mice may enter the property. Change these cotton balls every two or three weeks.