How To Soundproof An Apartment

soundproofing apartments

Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

Apartment living, or city living, means renters are living in close quarters with lots of other people. If this means living in a unit with thin walls, renters may end up going nuts because of all the noise caused by their neighbors. Face it – no matter how luxurious an apartment is, the upstairs tenants walking around at 6AM or watching an action movie at 3AM will drive anyone crazy. Prevent your tenants from going at their floors or ceilings with broom handles by insulating your units with the following strategies:

Install soundproof windows.

Tearing down your walls and putting in more insulation might not be a budget-friendly solution, but putting in sound-proof windows can help a lot if your building is on a busy street. Instead of replacing windows, you can install a sound-proofed window behind the existing glass. In addition to blocking out street noise, it can also add insulation in winter and summer. Renters can also use heavy drapes or curtains to block out some of the sound.

Put in carpet.

Noise in an apartment building usually comes from the windows or the ceilings. Once you’ve taken care of the windows, Additional cushioning between the floor and the upstairs neighbors’ feet means less vibration. Carpet will soak up some of the noise, and in the process also help your tenants coexist peacefully.

Advise your tenants to go for ‘softer’ furnishings.

Hard surfaces will cause sounds to echo more, while padding will help dampen the noise. While tenants might not be willing to forgo their modern tastes for the rumbling dryer or crying baby upstairs, let them know that putting in a rug or upholstered armchair can help reduce the noise.

Install a fake ceiling.

If all else fails and carpeting does not help the noisy neighbor situation, you can install a second ceiling to the apartment. Putting a space between the actual ceiling and a second one will trap the noise. While hiring a contractor to help you install a second ceiling isn’t cheap, you can market it out to all your future renters as a soundproof unit – definitely a selling point to renters who have had too many bad experiences with loud neighbors!