How to Use Flickr For Your Rental Business

How to Use Flickr For Your Rental Business

Photo credit: zanastardust (Flickr)

Listing sites like Craigslist sometimes limit the number of pictures you can attach to an ad. For example, Craigslist limits you to four. If you have several stunning photos of your rental property that you want to show off, it seems unreasonable to limit yourself to four pictures!

This also isn’t ideal for large photos either. If you post to Craigslist and you have a lot of high resolution, detailed images of your unit, prospective renters may not be able to see that in the restricted-size images. Some renters appreciate large pictures so that they could see all the details of the unit. It helps them get a better idea of what the property looks like.

One solution to this is to use Flickr. You can upload several of your high-resolution pictures there. In your property ad, include a link to your Flickr site to direct any interested renters to see more photos.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

Step 1

Go to the Flickr homepage and sign up for an account. If you have a Yahoo! ID, you can use that to register and sign in. Once you create your account, sign in.

Start a basic, free account if you just want to test it out. If you plan to use this site more, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid pro account.

Step 2

Upload your photos from your camera to your computer.

Step 3

You can upload your first photos by either dragging and dropping photos or using the “Browse” on the upload page.

Step 4

After your photos are uploaded, you can edit the title or description. We suggest that you title your pictures based on the address or general location. This will help renter differentiate between units.

Step 5

Choose your privacy setting. Choose “Public” for photos that you want to share with renters, choose “Private” for any photos that are off the market. (Hint: When a unit is off the market, you can make the photos “Private” and you can use the photos when it’s for rent again.)

Step 6

At the top of your screen, click the “Sets” tab. We’re going to create a separate album for each unit. If you have multiple units that you advertise, you’ll want to create a “set” for each unit. Click “Create Your First Set.”

Step 7

You’ll see “Drag stuff here to add it to the set.” Add the relevant photos to your set.

Step 8

Add the link to your set of photos to your rental ad.


Be sure to add photos using the Craigslist tool, also. In Craigslist, there’s an indication that there’s photos in the listing in the subject line. You want to show renters there are photos included to spark their interest.