How You Can Learn From Instagram and Pinterest to Improve Rental Marketing

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Image by banamine via Flickr

Yesterday morning’s announcement of Facebook purchasing Instagram for $1 billion made waves in news headlines across the web. I’m not here to discuss Facebook’s most recent purchasing decision, or how the sepia filter can improve your listing photos (no idea on that one – if anyone has tried, please share your experiences below). Instead, let’s look at how Instagram and Pinterest have taken the online social world by storm, and how you can apply the concept to market your listings.

In a nutshell, Instagram and Pinterest’s popularity are telling us that consumers enjoy digesting information and engaging with content via images, marking a movement from text-based to photo-based engagement.

Instagram and Pinterest: what do they have in common?

One is widely popular with iPhone users (and since last week, Android), used to share photographs, while the other is a highly ‘sticky’ site where users can connect through common interests – visually. Both are highly image-focused sites that have collected an enthusiastic base of users.

What does this all mean?

To put it simply, people love images! It’s a removal from the text-based information overload that dominates the web, and a quick, effortless way to engage with content. Compared to text and video, images can speak just as loudly as words, don’t take long to watch or read, and load in a short amount of time, even with slow internet connection.

The proof is in the numbers.

According to CNET, Instagram users have grown from zero to 30 million in two years. Pinterest saw a similar boom in traffic, amassing 17 million users since its launch in March 2010, just a few months prior to the launch of Instagram. In that period of time, Pinterest has risen in ranks to become the 3rd most popular social media site, placing it behind Facebook and Twitter in usership, according to Forbes.

How can you apply this concept to rental marketing?

In today’s fast-paced environment, your 500-word listing might not be getting as many views as you’d like. Forget telling renters how awesome your listing is with a long-winded description worthy of a romance novel – show them. Including a few quality photographs of the unit will help you attract renters. A description is still important, but it’s the visual factors that will draw an audience to your listing. Once you’ve shown renters your property is just what they’re looking for, getting them to read the rest of the listing will be a no-brainer.

For advice on how to take professional-quality listing photos without the ‘professional,’ download a free copy of our photography guide. (There are pictures in it, we promise.)

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