Infographic: Do Tech-Savvy Agents Earn More?

Can the time and effort you spend on technology contribute to ROI? Yes, it can.

A survey conducted by Inman News looked at the relationship between social media activity, technology use, and incomes of real estate agents. The results found that middle and high-income real estate professionals tend to spend more on technology, spending more than $2,500 out-of-pocket on websites, software, and other tools. 25 percent of agents who make more than $100K annually invest upwards of $5000 in technology for their business.

Just having a website or software subscription doesn’t imply a higher income: agent earnings are also influenced by how much time they invest in their online platforms. Half the agents surveyed in the $100K income bracket updated their website or blog a couple of times a week, while 39 percent on those earning $30-$50K did so once a month. Successful agents also invest more time in social media on sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to build their online presence. Take a look at how tech-savvy agents are using social media to build their business in the infographic below.

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