Introducing: Zillow Special Offers

Today, Zillow added new features to the Zillow Premier Agent program to further increase exposure for agents’ listings.

One new feature, Zillow Special Offers, allows agents to add an offer on a home listing to attract home buyers who find the listing on Zillow. In addition, agents can also leverage their important brand by adding a custom logo or even their own photo to all of their listings.

Zillow Special Offers is designed for sellers who are interested in providing an incentive at closing.  It’s a marketing vehicle that helps shine a strong spotlight on those properties that the agent, working with the seller, has decided to market in an additional way to the millions of shoppers looking for homes on Zillow.

What’s the benefit for me?

Zillow Special Offers give Zillow Premier Agents an exciting new way to merchandise, market and differentiate a listing through a seller-funded concession.

Why would your seller want to add a Zillow Special Offer?

It provides a way for the listing to be more visible to potential buyers. Home shoppers can search for Zillow Special Offers, or see them organically as they appear at the top of search results. The seller may feel an added incentive will help their listing be more attractive to buyers – whether it is new on the market, in need of new appliances, or lacking blinds. These seller-funded incentives give buyers a little something extra after closing, such as $3,000 credit off closing costs or a gift card to go buy those new appliances or blinds … extras that make the listing stand out!

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