Lifestyle Marketing for Rental Real Estate

rental lifestyle marketing

Image by nancyarora2020 via Flickr

Renters don’t just look at the numbers and facts when they’re deciding on a new place to live. Their decisions are also based off of emotion – after all, this is the place they’re going to call home for the next year or so. Are you appealing to this ‘emotional’ side of leasing?

Peters & Associates, a brokerage in Charlotte, NC, has been making waves in the real estate industry by taking a more creative spin towards property marketing. By using photography to make the luxury appeal of homes come across in their listings, their properties are more likely to resonate with the emotions of viewers.

It’s hard to make the unique-ness of your property shine through in a written listing. On top of stating the facts and features, use your description to help renters really visualize themselves living in your unit. For example, instead of photographing an empty living room, stage the room with comfy furniture, place models in it, or describe it with witty dialogue.

Another way to incorporate lifestyle marketing into your listing is to entice renters with the local community. If your property is by the water, try marketing the beach lifestyle. If the area has a great farmer’s market and is close to public transportation, market its healthy lifestyle and convenience. Instead of telling renters about the perks and amenities available, phrase it in a way so they can picture themselves using them.

With lifestyle marketing, you’re advertising your property as a place specific to a certain lifestyle, not just vacant housing. You’ll not only put a numerical value on your rental property, but you’re also adding lifestyle value.