Managing Your Zillow Contacts

Zillow’s Contact Management Platform (CMP)

Heads up, agents: Managing your Zillow contacts is better and easier with Zillow’s contact manager platform (CMP), which is located on your Zillow Profile.  These tools and features will allow you to keep better track of all your connections and contacts generated through your Zillow presence and participation.

Some of the key CMP features include:

  • Single-click access to editing contacts’ information.
  • Easy access option menu to edit, reply, archive, and add notes to contacts.
  • Mark contacts as favorites for fast and easy follow-up.
  • Search feature allows you to find your contacts quickly.
  • Advanced search filter to access multiple contacts.
  • Email response integration keeps track of contact communications.
  • Export feature for backing up contacts, or importing into a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Here’s a 3-minute video that will show how you can use the Zillow contact management platform features and tools to track, follow-up, correspond, and over time, convert more Zillow contacts into clients for life.  Alternatively, you can go to your Zillow Profile now and start using these features.