Mobile Matters: The Numbers

Iphone AppYesterday on Facebook, I shared a couple of interesting statistics about Zillow’s mobile market penetration.Today, three people asked me if there was a blog post about this, or where they could find the stats.

Well, here is your blog post!

The stats:

  • In May, 253 million homes were viewed on Zillow Mobile — that’s 94 homes per second.
  • More than 55 percent of Zillow’s traffic now comes from a mobile device; on weekends it’s 65 percent.
  • Zillow, Inc. has a total of 24 apps across every major platform.

(Source: Google Analytics, May 2013)

I didn’t post these stats to brag (though really, those are some pretty impressive numbers), but to contribute to a conversation about the general direction mobile use is moving.

Back when I ran a real estate brokerage, I had a website that was pretty successful at generating buyer and seller contacts. People would tell me, “Your site needs to be mobile optimized! Mobile is the future!”

Yeah, yeah, mobile mobile mobile. To be honest, I grew tired of hearing it. People searched “back then” on desktops and laptops. Not everyone used a phone app or an iPad to search for homes.

Not everyone uses mobile now either. But apparently a lot of people do.

In the year plus that I’ve worked at Zillow, my thoughts on mobile have changed. The near constant barrage of new phones and tablets, new mobile operating systems, new apps — it is almost overwhelming. Watching the mobile usage numbers grow on practically a daily basis should tell us all something.

Mobile isn’t the future. Mobile is now.

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