Apartment Art Staging: More for Less

david drexler (flickr)

Buying art and decorative statements to stage apartments is one of the factors that could sway a renter to go forward with a deal. How? Well, the little touches are what can inspire renters to consider a property to be their “home”. They are the tipping point details.

Art factors in more easily to the tenant tipping point equation than expensive furniture when staging. Art is both easier to move around, and easier to customize based on your target renter base. Here below we have some ideas on how you can get the pieces you want and the pieces that will be the best value for the money. After all, your renters are unlikely to be moving in with a Picasso, so you don’t need to stage with one.


Etsy is a very popular marketplace website where different artists sell jewelry, housewares, photography, furniture, and art. You’re going to find all kind of prints and posters here to suit the target renters’ tastes, and you can browse at your leisure. Other similar sites worth a looksee include Supermarket, 1000 Markets, ArtFire, ArtFlock, DaWanda and iCraft.


The famous auction website is like a garage sale at your fingertips. Makes browsing easy and you can spend as little as you like. They even have their own guide to using the site to buy art .

Groupon and Daily Deals

Daily deals sites have a surprising amount of breadth in the items they offer. These sites get creative with what they offer deals on, so checking regularly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Garage Sales

When you’re driving around town, stop for the garage and estate sales. Besides the fact that this is where people make the big bucks on Antiques Roadshow, this is just the liquidation, everything-must-go kind of deal that you’re going to be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. There are some websites such as estatesales.net and weekendtreasure.com where you can get email notifications of events happening around you

Museum Stores

Your local museum will always have a great selection of prints, and they often have more interesting home design pieces than furniture stores if you’re in the market for other staging materials.

Make it

Put some cuteness in your space, especially easy if you have a child or a niece or nephew who has an artistic side. Taking their artwork and framing it is a great idea if staging for families, since it will help them to imagine their own children making artwork for the unit.