Must-Have Technology for Real Estate Agents

technology in real estate

Image by IntelFreePress via Flickr

The modern day real estate agent employ technology in a way that real estate agents in the past never dreamed of using. Today’s technology allows agents to be connected all the time and stay organized through the Cloud. Those who don’t get up to speed with the latest tools could find themselves falling behind in competition. Here are some tools that could make your job a lot easier, and are slowly becoming a requirement in real estate.

One of the biggest advantages of technology for real estate agents is the ability to be connected at all times. Smartphones and tablets allow agents to respond to online queries in a timely and efficient fashion, which prevents leads and sales from being lost. The smartphone also allows access to email and files stored in the Cloud, which puts you in constant contact with potential clients.

Laptops are being replaced with tablets that are lighter and easier to travel with. No longer do agents travel with manila folders full of papers about potential properties. Today, you can put it all in your handheld tablet. With a tablet, agents can show renters the listings that are available by zipping through vacancies on the market as well as walk clients through the paperwork digitally. Apps allow you to create floor plans for your listings and browse listings in the MLS. More offices are using cloud computing which allows agents who are away from the office to still have access to files that are traditionally stored on a flash drive or in a computer. This allows for agents to have everything that could be needed when showing a home or meeting with potential clients.

The days of the pager or beeper are gone, and these are pieces of technology that are slowly being phased out of the workplace. Now Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, multiple email accounts, emergency cell numbers and the like are needed in order to compete and win business. These accounts allow you to connect with potential clients quickly and instantly so no one falls through the cracks.

Real estate agents can embrace technology by using it make their jobs easier. Use the portability and accessibility of smartphones and tablets to ‘unplug’ yourself from a desk, but stay available to all clients. You’ll find that when they do call, you’ll be able to use your electronic tools to access information faster.