New rental revenue: Introducing our free Moving Concierge

Moving concierge

Image by TheMuuj via Flickr

I’m very excited to announce the launch of a major new initiative our team has been working tirelessly on for the last couple of months: the RentJuice Moving Concierge™.

The Moving Concierge™ is a feature that I’ve been excited about for a while now, as a renter here in San Francisco. It makes sense for real estate agents, property managers, and their clients. As a rental professional, this is an entirely new way for you to make money doing no more work than you did before. And for your renter clients, this will help make the moving process a whole lot easier. How does it work? Our agents invite renters to visit their branded, secure Moving Concierge, where the new renter can do the following:

  • Find movers to help them move their belongings
  • Order and schedule installation of cable, internet, and phone services
  • Change their mailing address with the US Postal Service
  • Get a head start on where to go and what to do in their new neighborhood

By providing this service at the perfect time for renters, rental professionals get substantial referral fees from the moving and utility companies. It’s an easy way for rental agents and apartment finders to generate more revenue from the work they’re already doing, and their agency will gain an edge by providing a way to make life easier for renters.

Check it out here!