Next Week at Zillow Academy: How to Get More Listings Now

Need more listings? Everyone is looking for more homes to sell! Generate more listings, capture more contacts and convert more prospects into clients. There’s no better way to expose your skills and expertise to local prospects than directly connecting with them on their level and terms.

Are you storing up all those buyers for some special occasion?  It’s selling season!

Real estate marketing in this market requires a creative and powerful mindset, followed by a strategic plan and course of measurable action. This is what it will take to produce a listing inventory winner in any local market. Is your real estate advertising at the top of its game?

In this webinar, learn 10 different target marketing ideas and tips to increase your listings. Using niche and custom-tailored marketing ideas and concepts, we’ll show you how to create, cultivate and capture more qualified prospects and targeted contacts. It’s time to put ALL your anxious buyers into homes!

We’ll also be doing a “live” listing appointment training call with one of our guest attendees.
registerWHEN: Thursday, June 13 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) — REGISTER NOW

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