Online Conversion Tips and Strategies

Jay Thompson hosted a “conversion tips” webinar at Zillow Academy featuring Chris Speicher and Karen Van Ness as his special guests. Rather than posting the video, we’ve decided to make it available as a podcast, so you can listen online or simply download it and listen at your convenience on your favorite device. And as this is new for us, our apologies as a couple of minutes are cut off on each side, but we think you’ll find what is there — is a great listen!

Listen to it here:

Online Real Estate Conversion Tips Podcast by zillowacademy

You can also download the podcast to your mobile device and listen on-the-go.

Some of the key areas of discussion you’ll hear include:

  • Generating 200+ contact leads per month.
  • The importance of response time.
  • The 80+ percent conversion ratio.
  • The first thing to do with online leads.
  • The role of the new lead coordinator.
  • Managing difficult leads.
  • How to handle calls about online data values.
  • The process and levels of a lead.
  • How important is your system vs. your people?
  • Can you increase the quality of online leads?
  • And more …

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