Popular Pet-Friendly Building Amenities

pet friendly apartment amenities

Acme Canine Source: Flickr

You offer free internet, 24-hour gym, and even a tanning booth. What more can you possibly do to stick out from the competition? Some New York City landlords are taking building amenities a step further by offering pet services. In a city where pet owners spend twice as much ($1,350) annually on their pets than the national average ($696), developers and landlords are learning that dog-friendly buildings help attract and retain tenants.

Besides allowing pets to live on your property, what else can landlords and property managers do to create a more pet-friendly vibe? Here are some of the most popular amenities geared towards pets that luxury apartment buildings are using to attract renters:

Partner up with neighborhood pet services

Talk to your local dog walking, pet-sitting, or pet daycare services to see if you can work with them to offer special discounts, events, or deals.  New York dog-care group, The Spot Experience, is working with multiple apartment buildings to offer daycare packages at a 20 percent discount.

Hire a pet caretaker for your building.

Employing a specific person or service that takes care of pets around the building can minimize stress for both pets and their neighbors. Rather than allowing multiple services into your building, hiring a pet-sitting service you’ve already screened will help keep your complex safe for everyone by reducing the number of strangers entering and leaving your units.

Have pet-friendly common areas

Dedicate a place for owners and their pets to socialize, get to know their neighbors, and build community. Provide a fenced-in dog run where pets can run off the leash, and provide a garbage bin and bags for dog doo.

Install a washing station in your building

For renters who want to save money on grooming costs, having a designated do-it-yourself dog-washing station downstairs is convenient, cheap, and minimizes the mess in their unit.

What services do you offer to make your building a more pet-friendly place to live? Share with us in the comments section below!