Prove Your Track Record to Prospects

You’re making your prospecting calls and scheduling your appointments. You’re working hard to get listings and sell homes. So what differentiates you from other agents? Your reputation matters, and your proven track record is the one thing that no prospect or potential client can deny.

Why do people trust the opinions of those they don’t know or have never met? Buying and selling decisions are made by consumers shopping online every day, and they instinctively depend on crowd sourcing and the information that is shared and available on the Web.

In this training video, Tom Ferry discusses marketing your “real estate track record” as a tool for securing listings and how you should be proving it to your buyers and sellers in today’s market.


You owe it to your clients to provide them with the best customer experience possible, right? And they owe it to you to share that experience and their opinion with others. Take advantage of this strategy and great opportunity to create a measurable degree of separation between you and your competition.