Provide Free WiFi to Attract Tenants

Why you should provide free wifi to tenants

Photo credit: nuscreen (Flickr)

Having great amenities and property perks can help you fill your vacancies with the best tenants or help with tenant retention. Renters love extra amenities. It makes them feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck.

If you want to give your rental property or building an additional amenity for a low cost, consider offering free WiFi. WiFi is becoming an expected amenity in many locations like coffee shops and hotels. Free WiFi is available in entire cities, now (for example, Google WiFi provides wireless internet connection to Mountain View, CA).

Providing free WiFi to your residents isn’t only a great perk, it’s very forward thinking.

It’s great for attracting people that are tech-savvy or young college students who feel the need to always be connected.

It saves your tenants money (and they like that).

Not only does it satisfy a tenant’s need to be connected, it also provides a lot of cost savings. Internet is not cheap. It’ll save them anywhere from $50 to $70 per month.

Property managers of multi-unit properties should especially consider adding this service to their units.

The cost to set up multi-family WiFi networks is minimal. The perceived value of free WiFi for a small cost is worth it. It keeps tenants happy and gives them more reason to not move on to a new apartment.

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