Ratings and Reviews: Making the Difference for Lenders

We often read great pieces about how ratings and reviews on Zillow can have a positive impact on consumers who use them to decide on choosing a local real estate agent.

Ratings and reviews also help current or potential homeowners find a trusted adviser to help them through the mortgage process, which at times can be confusing and complex. We asked some of our Zillow Mortgage Marketplace partners to share their thoughts on how Zillow’s review system helps people find lenders that offer exceptional service:

The star rating system allows a consumer the opportunity to tap into the community pulse to gauge the overall perception of a lender from those individuals who have utilized its services previously. From a lender perspective, this rating information is priceless and is heavily scrutinized as a management tool for the monitoring of best practices. “

Joseph Pepe
Chief Revenue Officer
RoundPoint Mortgage

Zillow mortgage market place offers an unparalleled lead generation that produces true warm leads as the client does their research on you as a lender. They see that they are dealing with a quality lender by reading your reviews.” 

Michael King
Branch Manager
First Priority Financial

I would recommend Zillow to our peers who are looking to do honest and ethical business and are willing to provide exemplary customer service to their borrowers. The customer feedback component is a great vehicle to create accountability in our industry and allow your business to standout.”

Charles Wagner
Executive Vice President
CBC National Bank

How can you benefit?

With more than 20,000 lender reviews on our site, Zillow Mortgage Marketplace is more valuable now than ever before to both consumers and lenders.

If you’re an agent, help your favorite lenders get more business by encouraging them to create a free profile on Zillow (if they haven’t already) and to start collecting reviews from clients. If you’re a lender, create a free profile on Zillow and start asking your clients to review you. Adding reviews from clients is easy and well worth the effort. Just click here to get started.