Rental Listing Descriptions That Make You Sound Desperate

desperate listing descriptions

Image by gulfshoressteven via Flickr

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to rent out your unit quickly. The trick to actually doing it, though, is advertising in the right places, including quality photographs in the listing and detailed information about the unit. Once your descriptions start sounding desperate, you’ll send out the message that something is wrong with the place. Don’t raise the suspicion of renters by peppering your apartment listings with phrases that reveal you’ll do anything to fill your vacancy – you won’t be attracting quality tenants. Here are some phrases to avoid when writing your listing to avoid sounding desperate.

“Looking for someone to take over payments”

These words send the wrong message to renters because they hint that you’re having financial trouble. Renters can see this as a potential opportunity to low-ball you in rent and good renters will suspect it means the property won’t be taken care of well. Your listing isn’t the place to talk about your financial situation – concentrate on your property’s features instead.

“We accept any credit… bad ugly, awful”

Exactly what kind of tenants are you trying to attract? Don’t say off the bat that you’re willing to accept anyone who applies. You’ll be attracting renters with bad credit (obviously), which doesn’t necessarily mean they will be bad tenants, but you also want to open yourself up to quality renters. Renters with good credit scores may be turned off by the fact that you’ll take anyone regardless of their credit score.

“Huge price drop” 

Saying that the rent is heavily discounted sends the message that you’re desperate to unload the unit. This, in following, will prompt renters to wonder if something is wrong with the property. Deals that are too good to be true are often a red flag for scams. Price your unit competitively and you’ll attract renters without scaring them away.