Rental Property Crime Prevention

rental property crime

Image by AMagill via Flickr

In order to have happy tenants and fill your vacancies, it’s important to maintain a high level of security on your rental property. If your property is perceived to be unsafe, you’ll see more tenants move out, have a harder time filling vacancies and even see your property value go down. By putting some security measures into place, you’ll be making sure the community remains safe and your tenants are happy in their homes. Here are some measures you can take to improve the level of safety on your rental property.


Well-lit spaces will help you deter crimes and other property offenses. Make sure you replace the bulbs in the hallways or porch lights as needed. Paths from the garage or parking lot to the apartment units should be clearly lit as well. Look into motion-sensor lighting to save energy when no one’s around.

Secured entry

Even if you don’t have the budget to surround your property with fencing, check around the property to see if there are any security threats you could be missing. Install spring-closing doors in the back entrances to ensure that no entrance will be left open by accident. Inspect doors, locks, and windows regularly in all your units to make sure they’re safe. You can require keys to enter common areas such as the pool or gym to make sure unauthorized visitors won’t get in.

Screen tenants

The best way to prevent troublesome tenants from living in your unit and threatening the safety in your community is to screen them thoroughly before approving their application. Require applicants to go through a credit and background check so you know they’re responsible and someone you can trust. Don’t hesitate to call previous landlords for references – especially if there are inconsistencies in the renter’s application.

Create and enforce rules

Having a free-for-all atmosphere in your complex can provide opportunities for trouble. Let renters know that there are rules as well as penalties for breaking them. Create a safer place for everyone to live by having rules for visitors, curfew hours for the gym, pool, and laundry areas. Include them in the lease and post a reminder in the common areas.

Educate your tenants

Create a safer community by informing your tenants about the safety measures and rules. Hold meetings and circulate e-mails or flyers about apartment safety in your complex regularly. By communicating with your residents and showing them that you’re committed to providing for their safety, residents will be encouraged to follow the rules as well as notify you if something strange is going on.