Rental Real Estate Industry News – January 10, 2013

rental industry news

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In this week’s rental industry news headlines, find out why the trend of rising rents may encourage renters to do the exact opposite: buy a home. See how you can use your smartphone to control access to your property, and what strategies you can use to get a leg up on your competition.

REO-to-Rental Market Quickly Becoming Asset Class

The REO-to-rental market is expected to grow robustly over the next two years, firmly establishing itself as a potential institutional asset class. As the inventory of bank owned properties increases, so does the interest of investors towards a larger-scale investment in this space.

Rising Rents May Prod Affluent US City Dwellers to Buy Homes 

U.S. apartment vacancies declined and rents rose again in the fourth quarter, continuing a years-long trend that is likely to encourage more affluent renters to become home buyers this year. In theory, the more expensive it becomes to rent, the more likely residents are to save money and purchase a home instead.

New Software Turns Smartphones into High-Tech Keys

Researchers in Germany have developed a new software called ShareKey that makes opening car and home doors using smartphone apps more versatile and secure. ShareKey not only allows users to open locks, but also allows users to assign digital keys remotely and can limit which locks the shared keys can open.

6 Ways Brokers Can Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Your brokerage has weathered the down real estate market, but how can you ensure your success in the thaw? Smart investment and imaginative thinking will open up competitive advantages for those who pursue them with seriousness. Here are six ideas on where to begin.

30 Careless Mistakes That Will Totally Muck Up Your Marketing

Here are 30 careless mistakes we’ve seen marketers make that have the potential to totally mess with the effectiveness of your marketing. Remember, marketers: Haste makes waste!