Rental Real Estate Industry News - September 26, 2013

rental real estate news

Image by compujeramey via Flickr

In this week’s rental news headlines, read about the newest crowdfunding venture to help get real estate ventures off the ground, and 25 hidden gem markets that are ripe for investment. See how Santa Barbara has incorporated sustainable communities for low-income urban living, and the difficulties Hurricane Sandy victims still face in their housing search one year after the storm.

Groundbreaker Helps Aspiring Real Estate Moguls Get Projects Off the Ground 

Getting a real estate venture off the ground is a significant challenge. So a startup called GroundBreaker has launched a white-label crowdfunding solution that real estate entrepreneurs can use to raise money for their projects.

25 ‘Hidden Gem’ Real Estate Markets Around the US 

For investors  looking to get into the real estate market, one factor should be considered above all others: location, location, location. Here are the 25 “hidden gem” markets around the nation — areas that are little-known, aren’t swarming with big institutional investors, and boast sizeable yields.

Hundreds of Storm Evacuees in Hotels Face Evictions

Almost a year after Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of displaced New Yorkers living in hotels face eviction. Many of them have or are applying for federal rental subsidies, but finding affordable apartments has proved daunting.

With Fewer Foreclosed Homes to Buy, Investors Move to Standard Sales

The foreclosed homes in the suburban Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada markets are almost gone — yet investors have kept buying, competing with individual buyers in standard sales. Some economists warn that house flipping will hurt the market.

Urban Living in Santa Barbara the Focus of AIA ArchitecTours

Santa Barbara’s ArchitecTours on Oct. 5 features 12 sustainable community projects to create opportunities for low and moderate income residents to live close to work, shopping, entertainment, and recreation.