Renter Profile: Good Reputation is Key to Fast Renting in San Diego

Renter Profile San DiegoWho wouldn’t want to live in a city of endless summers? Nicknamed as “America’s Finest City”, San Diego is easily labeled as a Calfornian paradise, with its warm climate and numerous beaches. It’s no wonder there’s a strong demand for rentals there.

Searching for an apartment in San Diego is no task for passive apartment hunters. Renters need to be quick on their feet if they want an apartment in this prime Californian beach city.

Seasoned San Diego renter, Steven Ngo, approached renting with quickness. Learning from his previous renting experiences, apartment searching required diligent research, the ability to compromise, and agility to get the best unit for a good price.

Learning from previous renters’ experiences.

As Ngo’s last lease started to wind down, it was time to search for a new apartment. The response time from property’s maintenance company was too long. He and his roommates often found themselves waiting for problems to be addressed.

In his next apartment, he wasn’t willing to deal with waiting anymore.

“When we started looking for apartments, we looked at how responsive their property management was. We asked them about their response times,” he said.

Then he referenced to Yelp reviews.

He wanted to make sure that the property management company had no complaints from its residents about the response time and their overall satisfaction with the company.

Renters are using as many resources as they can to determine the type of service they’ll receive from property management companies. Therefore, property management companies should never skimp on customer service. Renters are constantly reviewing you and aren’t afraid to share their experiences.

“We just jumped on it.”

While searching relentlessly for 1.5 months for an apartment with his roommates, they were only able to find 5-10 new listings every week. Out of those listings, only one would be appealing, if they were lucky.

“There wasn’t much to look at,” he said.

So when a unit opened up in a popular apartment complex, they didn’t hesitate for one second.

“When we were checking out the apartment, they didn’t have a model available to look at. They just gave us a floor plan,” Ngo said, “We took a gamble. We just jumped on it.”

Knowing that the property wasn’t going to last very long, they didn’t want to risk losing the unit by waiting. They immediately signed the lease without looking at the unit.

Ngo said that one of his roommates had lived in the property before and was content with the quality of service he received. That information on the company’s reputation was good enough for them to sign a lease.

When the rental market is tight, renters take advantage any opportunities as soon as they pop up. Renters that needing to react fast to vacancies will fall back on what information they have on-hand word-of-mouth recommendations.

Sometimes, there isn’t time to do diligent research on a rental property. So renters needing to make a decision on the fly need to rely on what they’ve heard about a property or management company.

The bottom line.

Your reputation is key to winning over renters. Whether it’s through review sites like Yelp or by word-of-mouth, prospective renters are using the buzz around your business to make a decision on your property.

For property managers, the key to ensuring that your property is seen positively is to provide excellent customer service. Customer service is completely under your control, and you should put 110% in providing exceptional service to your residents. Otherwise, you could end up paying for it (literally) for your losses in tenants. It’s what renters are looking for when they evaluate property management companies.

Renter Profile: Steven Ngo

Current Neighborhood: University Town Center, aka “UTC”, La Jolla

Top 3 apartment qualities: Parking, new appliances, affordability

Tools used to find an apartment: Craigslist, Padmapper