RentJuice Announces New Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing

Photo credit: bsperan (Flickr)

As you know, RentJuice raised $6.2 million in new funding last month to make the world’s best rental software even better. This investment was due completely to your success, and allows us to reduce our pricing while still investing heavily in our ability to serve you now and in the future.

Across the board, our customers are doing more deals in less time. But your number one complaint? Our per-user pricing model. You didn’t want scaling software costs to slow your growth. That’s why we’re changing our pricing to a low, flat rate. So you can grow as fast and as much as you want and have the peace of mind that RentJuice won’t be an additional cost every time you add a new user.

For our paid product, single users will now pay $59 per month. Brokerages and leasing offices up to 100 users will now pay a flat rate of $129 per month….for the entire office! And if you’re over 100 users, we’ll work with you on a price that ensures you get the support your large enterprise needs. Of course we still have our free product, available to all property managers and brokerages as a way to share listings.

We’ve priced our add-on features lower as well: our listing sheet entry service is now $149 per month (previously $299/mo), our MLS integration is now $29 per month (reduced from $49/mo), and our email marketing and drip campaign product is now included 100% free (previously $99/mo) for all users. All these pricing changes are effective immediately.

Once again, your success is the reason we’re successful. We thank you for choosing RentJuice and we look forward to serving and growing with you in these incredibly fast-changing and fascinating times.