Skills To Look For When Hiring a Property Manager

Property manager skills

Image by carter929 via Flickr

When you’re deciding who to hire to be your next property manager, you want a skilled candidate with experience across the board: bookkeeping, sales, conflict management, and legal knowledge, just to name a few. Your options range from large property management companies to individuals you can hire as a live-in property manager. How do you decide, and which is better for your property? Regardless of what type of service you end up choosing, your property manager should bring these skills to the position to help you manage your property smoothly:

Good communication skills. The bulk of an apartment manager’s job is interacting with tenants, contractors, and you. Whether it’s dealing with an upset tenant, selling a prospective tenant on a unit, or collecting past due rent, you want your property manager to be a listening, mediator, and possess conflict management skills, especially since a good part of the job requires them to deal with tenants at their worst.

Sales skills. Is the prospective property manager comfortable and experienced with all aspects of the sales process? This includes speaking with renters on the phone, meeting with them for a showing, and following up with them after the move-in as well as periodically before the lease is up. A great salesperson will be able to do more than be polite on the phone – he’ll sell the renter on the great community, be able to connect with potential tenants, and provide useful information about your property.

Administrative skills. You want someone who will help run your business smoothly. Does the candidate have bookkeeping or accounting experience? In addition to being detail-oriented, organized, and have the ability to manage time well, they need to be knowledgeable about processing credit statements, security deposits, outstanding balances, and dealing with insurance and evictions.

Fluency in Technology. Your business is in the 21st century, and it only makes sense to keep up with the times. A property manager who’s tech-savvy will be able to innovate and help you come up with new ways to manage your property better using the latest technology.