Stale Listings Are Hurting Your Rental Business

stale rental listings

rprata via Flickr

It doesn’t take long for a listing to get stale. The rental market moves quickly, and vacancies can be filled in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t help any business to have stale listings on its site – the primary reason renters go on your site is to research up-to-date listing information. found that among the highest priorities of renters when it comes to listings on your website are information accuracy (75%) and updated listings (68%). How often do you clean out your inventory of stale listings? Here are a few reasons why having updated listings should be your priority.

Expired listings make you lose credibility.

Ever visited a site for a market report, only to find all the information was from 2010? Don’t be that website. When visitors reach out only to find that the information has expired or the asking rent is incorrect, they’ll be wary of all your other listings, too. Keeping information up-to-date is one simple way to build credibility for your business. The moment you let renters down with incorrect listings, they’ll be less likely to stay, recommend, or return to your site.

Daily housekeeping makes your job easier.

Your job is to find people a place to live. The faster, the better. Expired listings that exist in your database will only make the process more complicated. By removing old listings and replacing them with new, up-to-date ones, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of availabilities and searching through your listings to find one that fits your renter. Being elbow-deep in outdated listings slows everyone down, including yourself. To stay on top of housekeeping, schedule fifteen minutes at some point in your day to go through and remove the units you’ve closed.

Don’t be a bait-and-switch agent.

The last thing renters want in their apartment search is to be led on a wild goose chase for a nonexistent unit. It’s a shady practice, and won’t help your business succeed in the long run. Focus on writing complete listing descriptions, including high-quality photos, optimizing them for the correct keywords, and posting in the right places. Stay on top of your market by providing accurate, up-to-date listings. In a Zillow Rentals survey, we found that honesty is the number one quality renters value most when they work with a rental professional. When it comes down to it, honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to your listings.