apartment renovations

  1. rental property updates

    Planning Smart Rental Property Upgrades

    Here are some tips to help you figure out how to plan a rental property rehab that will pay off.

  2. budget kitchen remodel

    Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates for your Rental Property

    All renovations are planned with a budget in mind, so here are some cost-friendly improvements to bring your rental property’s kitchen into the 21st century.

  3. healthy apartment building

    Apartment Trends: Buildings for Healthy Lifestyles

    Check out some ways apartments are being built to promote healthier living, and maybe even take away some ideas for your own community.

  4. multi generation rental home

    Designing a Multi-Generational Rental Home

    Homes that are multi-generational highlight universal design, or an environment that’s usable by almost everyone regardless of age, ability, or disability. Incorporating universal design into your rental home isn’t hard or expensive.

  5. small apartment living

    Strategies for Small Apartment Living

    Housing trends come and go, and while mega-mansions may be a thing of the past, small living trends might just be here to stay. Here are some ways to transform your smaller units into a flexible living space that will accommodate any renter’s lifestyle.

  6. passive housing apartments

    Eco-Friendly Apartments: Passive Housing

    Imagine marketing your apartments with the appeal of virtually no heating or cooling bills – for you or your resident. It almost sounds too good to be true, but this concept is a reality with a rising green housing trend: passive housing.

  7. apartment appliance update

    Apartment Updates: Repair or Replace?

    Malfunctioning appliances can be frustrating cases to crack, but if an appliance in your apartment is having some trouble, repairing it can sometimes save you much more money than replacing the entire thing, depending on the problem.

  8. cliff1066™.jpeg

    Water-Friendly Apartment Landscaping

    It’s time to do something about that dirt patch in front of your apartment building. No matter how water-saving maintaining dirt and dead grass was, it’s not doing anything for your curb appeal. However, grass isn’t the only answer, and there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your property with greenery without the ridiculous water bill each month.

  9. KRO-Media.jpeg

    Bring Up The Quality of Your Rental Property

    You won’t become an A-level property overnight, but by making a few of these changes, you have a lot of power to turn your property around and start attracting qualified renters.

  10. PrimeImageMedia.com_.jpeg

    How to Add Luxury To Your Ordinary Property

    When you prepare your property to rent, it’s important to make the space appealing for all the renters who will go through it in showings. Having […]