1. landlord rights

    Basic Landlord Rights

    While we’ve written plenty about renter’s rights, here are some of the basic rights and responsibilities you have as a landlord.

  2. damage proof rental home

    5 Ways Damage-Proof Your Rental Home

    By altering your property to be low-maintenance, you’ll cut down on damages occupants can do as well as normal wear and tear.

  3. hire a property manager

    Why You Should Hire a Property Manager

    If landlording is your secondary job, you may not always have the time to tend to your investment properties. If this is the case, you may want to hire some additional help to relieve you of your duties.

  4. Renting Your House

    Tips on Renting Your House to Students

    If you’re looking for a little more income and own a home located near a college campus, you may want to consider renting a room to student. College students sometimes steer away from on campus housing or choose not to rent with other students. Renting a single room from a home can sometimes offer a student more privacy and amenities that wouldn’t have elsewhere.

  5. Property Maintenance Management and Appliances

    Property Maintenance Management and Money-Saving Appliances

    Could energy saving appliances save you money? The question is a more complicated one than you might expect, sort of like a choose your own adventure. We’ll break it down to find out the answer for your units.

  6. Live in landlord

    Tips on Being a Live In Landlord

    Living among the tenants you manage can be a tricky situation: you may share common spaces, see each other regularly, or you might even share walls. In order to make your job and living arrangement work best for you and your tenant, here are a few tips on being a live-in landlord.

  7. Dealing with Problem Tenants

    A Stress-Free Guide to Dealing with Problem Tenants

    Difficult tenants can be a huge pain. Whether your tenant is late on rent, throwing wild parties, or involved with illegal activities, it’s crucial that you know the best practices on how to deal with the situation. In this guide, we’ll tell you what steps you should take when you find yourself dealing with a problem tenant.

  8. 7002031233_d6318cac98_n

    A Brief Intro to Eminent Domain

    If there’s one thing the government could do that would really get in the way of your business, what would it be? The most obvious, and scary, answer is just two words: eminent domain.

  9. welcome tenants

    Giving Tenants a Great Move-In Experience

    Here are a few easy ways to give your new tenant a warm welcome and show them they’ve made the right choice in renting from you.

  10. illicut drug activity

    What To Do If You Suspect Illegal Drug Activity In Your Rental

    Do you think your tenants are engaging with selling or producing drugs? Effective property management includes being aware of illegal activities going on in your unit and an efficient, immediate response.