1. top cities to be a landlord

    Top 10 Cities Where Landlords Make the Most Money

    Zillow looked at the top 50 U.S. metros to see which areas give landlords the best return on investment.

  2. 4-Basic-Understanding-v3-01-78cf07.png

    Landlords: Test Your Rental IQ

    How thoroughly do mom & pop landlords understand their legal rights and responsibilities? See the Zillow survey results.

  3. security deposit

    Security Deposit Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

    If you’re managing a rental property, you can follow a few steps to avoid problems when it comes to security deposits.

  4. managing HOA properties

    Tips for Property Managers Dealing with HOAs

    Communication between the property management, HOA, and residents will help you sail a smooth ship.

  5. Hiring a property management company

    Five Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Management Company

    Looking for professional property management? Here are five key questions you should ask of any management company.

  6. stepnout-3abe57-300x225.jpg

    The Zillow for Pros Blog Weekly Roundup – October 18, 2013

    In this week’s popular blog posts, see how you can reduce your risk when renting to minors and how the government shutdown impacted Section 8 renters and landlords.

  7. Rental real estate news

    The Zillow for Pros Blog Weekly Roundup – August 30, 2013

    In this week’s most popular posts, learn the 3-part formula to boost the effectiveness of your ads, and see how you can make lease signing smoother for yourself and your residents.

  8. landlords hire lawyer

    When Should Landlords Get a Lawyer?

    Don’t skimp out on a lawyer when a situation calls for expert help: know how to recognize situations where you’re in over your head.

  9. Wasp Nest Removal for Property Managers

    How to Remove Wasp Nests From Your Property

    The summer time is primetime for wasps. When a nest is built, it could bring in hundreds or even thousands of wasps. This could put your residents at risk; wasps, unlike bees, are notorious for using their stingers multiple times, which could inflict lots of pain and could even trigger allergic reactions. Therefore, it’s best to remove these nests as soon as they’re found.

  10. rental income expense

    Building Your Cash Reserve in Real Estate

    It’s important to have a steady cash flow to keep your rental business running, and that means having a stable cash reserve to fall back on in the case of an emergency.