1. Two gourd close-up on wooden background after harvest

    7 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Rental Property

    Whether you manage a rental home on the side or own a small building, ensure that everyone involved has a safe and fun Halloween by taking safety precautions.

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    5 Tips for Renting Out Your Property

    Protect your investment and manage your property like a pro with these tips to prepare for a new resident.

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    6 Screening Tips to Find Great Tenants

    Avoid problematic renters with these screening tips.

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    6 Tips to Host a Successful Rental Open House

    With a little preparation, an open house can save you time and effort — and provide you with a pool of potential tenants in the course of a single afternoon.

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    5 Ways to Show Resident Appreciation this Holiday Season

    The holidays are a great time to build relationships with your residents and show them you’re thankful that they call your property home.

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    5 Tips for Renting to Tenants with Pets

    Do you have the rules and regulations in place to help you manage residents and their pets?

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    5 Questions to Ask During a Landlord Reference Check

    An applicant who looks great on paper isn’t necessarily risk-free. Avoid potentially troublesome renters by asking previous landlords specific questions.

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    Top 10 Cities Where Landlords Make the Most Money

    Zillow looked at the top 50 U.S. metros to see which areas give landlords the best return on investment.

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    Landlords: Test Your Rental IQ

    How thoroughly do mom & pop landlords understand their legal rights and responsibilities? See the Zillow survey results.

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    Security Deposit Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

    If you’re managing a rental property, you can follow a few steps to avoid problems when it comes to security deposits.