Online Rental Listings

  1. better subject lines

    Better Rental Listing Subject Lines: Part II

    Well-written subject lines attract positive attention from rental hunters and won’t deter people from reading it. Make sure you hit these three checkpoints when you write your subject line.

  2. stale rental listings

    Stale Listings Are Hurting Your Rental Business

    It doesn’t help any business to have stale listings on its site – the primary reason renters go on your site is to research up-to-date listing information. Here are a few reasons why having updated listings should be your priority.

  3. Salt Lake City home rental

    How Much Apartment Can You Get for $1,200?

    As the rental market responds to supply and demand in their respective locales around the nation, see what landlords are offering renters who have a budget of $1,200/month to spend on rent.

  4. Franco Folini (flickr)

    Apartment Video Tours: 3 Essential Principles

    For the seasoned iPhone videographer, the newbie, or even the casual camcorder user, there are some principles of video psychology that can be helpful to know when creating effective apartment marketing videos and tours.

  5. poetic apartment listing

    The DoubleTake Listing in Rhyme

    If you’re tired of describing the average qualities of a property in paragraph form, why not try using word play to catch the attention of renters?

  6. Screen-Shot-2012-10-03-at-9.57.20-AM.png

    The Double Take Listing: Fairy Tale Castle

    As if the words ‘castle’ and ‘dungeon weren’t enough to catch your attention, this property also has a name: The Gate Keepers Castle.

  7. How-to-Use-Flickr-For-Your-Rental-Business.jpeg

    How to Use Flickr For Your Rental Business

    Some renters appreciate large pictures so that they could see all the details of the unit. It helps them get a better idea of what the property looks like.

    One solution to this is to use Flickr.

  8. Benson Kua (flickr)

    How to Effectively Use Google Alerts for Rental Real Estate

    Here are three ways you should be leveraging your Google Alerts to help, grow, and protect your business.

  9. gulfshoressteven.jpeg

    Rental Listing Descriptions That Make You Sound Desperate

    Once your descriptions start sounding desperate, you’ll send out the message that something is wrong with the place.

  10. Wonderlane.jpeg

    Why Exclusive Listings Are Better Than Open Listings

    Find out why using an exclusive listing will probably fill your vacancies faster than posting open listings.