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    5 Property Descriptions That Can Ruin a Listing

    When you post a rental listing, you’re up against a lot of competition. Your listings not only need to get found by renters, but they also need to be comparable and eye-catching to distinguish you from the hundreds of other apartment listings in your area. When you’re marketing your vacancies, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making these property description mistakes. Stay away from these common – but avoidable – mistakes to increase your open rate and fill your vacancies faster.

  2. My Apartment Rental Search: Using Other Listing Sites

    My Apartment Rental Search: Using Other Listing Sites

    I searched for other online listing sites to find alternatives to Craigslist, helping me spend less time scrolling through ads and more time looking at apartments.

  3. Digital Leasing

    Will Rental Leasing One Day Be Completely Digital?

    Today, the newspaper Classifieds is a seldom-used medium for renters to find their next property. Renters turn to online listing sites like Craigslist or, fill out online forms, or find the location of the property in maps embedded in listings.

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    The Greatest Hits: Best of the RentJuice Blog 2011

    Just in case you’ve missed out on some of the RentJuice Blog posts this year, don’t worry, we’ve summed up the most popular ones for you.

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    Descriptive Words and Phrases for Your Craigslist Ads

    When you’re writing property ads for Craigslist, describe your unit with effective descriptive words, not fluff.

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    Part I: How I (Almost) Got Scammed on Craigslist

    In my college days, I learned a lot of life lessons. One of them was how to not get scammed on Craigslist.

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    Use Your Walk Score to Attract More Tenants

    A what-score? Properties are now getting graded on how walkable they are.

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    Create Better Online Rental Listings

    How do you spruce up your online rental listings a little bit and stand out? Clean up your online rental listings and grab more attention from those transient rental hunters.