Property management

  1. resident retention

    5 Budget-Friendly Resident Renewal Incentives

    Here are some renewal incentive ideas you can try to stay within your budget and make your tenants happy.

  2. apartment first impression

    Creating a Positive First Impression at an Apartment Showing

    As an apartment marketer you’re not only marketing a place to live, but also a lifestyle. Here are some tips to maintain a professional, welcoming apartment community that will speak volumes to renters.

  3. Zillow rentals webinar

    Free Webinar: Making the Most of an Evolving Rental Market

    Our June 26 webinar will share the rental market outlook as well as strategies property managers can use to promote their properties in different market conditions.

  4. rental property updates

    Planning Smart Rental Property Upgrades

    Here are some tips to help you figure out how to plan a rental property rehab that will pay off.

  5. tenant abandonment

    What to Do When a Tenant Abandons a Rental Property

    Before you clean out the unit and list it for rent, follow the correct legal procedure for dealing with a tenant who has abandoned a property.

  6. maintenance free rental property

    5 Landlord-Friendly Retrofits for your Rental Property

    Cut down on the amount of work needed to maintain your rental, especially if you’re a do-it-yourself landlord, with these tips.

  7. Property management inner city

    Why Property Managers Should Be Neighborhood Advocates

    Inner-city rentals, where the majority of the neighborhood is composed of low-income renters, can be lucrative if you work to strengthen the community.

  8. apartment showing

    How to Turn Apartment Showings into Leases

    When you meet potential residents face to face, how are you selling yourself – and the unit – during the property showing?

  9. rental natural disasters

    Disaster Preparation Tips for Property Managers

    Here are a few easy steps that will save property managers time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation in the event of a disaster.

  10. Geraldine Colucci

    Property Manager Spotlight – Geraldine Colucci, Equitable Property Management

    Read about how one property manager grew her business from managing seven properties to almost 200.