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  1. write rental listings

    Tips to Write Rental Listings that Pop

    Apartment hunters are digging through hundreds of listings in your area – how are you making sure that yours catch their eye?

  2. better subject lines

    Better Rental Listing Subject Lines: Part II

    Well-written subject lines attract positive attention from rental hunters and won’t deter people from reading it. Make sure you hit these three checkpoints when you write your subject line.

  3. stale rental listings

    Stale Listings Are Hurting Your Rental Business

    It doesn’t help any business to have stale listings on its site – the primary reason renters go on your site is to research up-to-date listing information. Here are a few reasons why having updated listings should be your priority.

  4. real estate advertising

    Real Estate Advertising’s Real Value

    Online rental listings are the only way to evaluate my future San Francisco home from Boston. Real estate advertising is the curb appeal of your property and rental business.

  5. rental industry news

    Building and Managing a Rental Brokerage, Part 6: Bring In Inventory

    Listings are the life blood of any rental operation. The more properties your troops have access to, the higher their potential production.

  6. New York $700 apartment

    How Much Apartment Can You Get for $700?

    What options do renters have with a budget of $700 a month? Well, lots. We combed some listings around the U.S. to see what renters can expect to get for their price point, including walk scores and amenities.

  7. Houston condo rental

    How Much Apartment Can You Get for $900?

    This week, we’ll look at what renters around the country can get at this price point.