tenant retention strategies

  1. resident retention

    How Property Managers Use Resident Rewards to Increase Retention

    Keeping your residents happy means keeping your homes occupied longer, with fewer turnovers. This allows for your owners to enjoy a steady and reliable rental income and offers your firm a continued income of management fees, but the benefits reach far beyond your bottom line.

  2. Resident retention property management, being available

    How to Be More Available to Residents Without Increasing Your Work

    We have some thoughts on how you can make yourself more available to residents in ways that don’t add extra hours to your work day.

  3. Tenant Retention: Common Space Furniture

    Tenant Retention Ideas: Common Space Furniture Tips

    The first space your prospective tenants walk through in your properties is the common area, and current renters are likely to walk through it several times a day. Furnishing this area correctly is a key aspect to attracting new tenants and retaining current ones. You’ll want to give it a homey vibe through and through, and we’ve outlined some of the must-have furniture you’ll need to consider when completing that space.

  4. Gifts for tenants

    Ideas for Holiday Gifts for Tenants

    Don’t forget to add your residents to your holiday list this year! Don’t worry—it’s not necessary to give extravagant gifts to your tenants. When it comes to the holidays, small gestures count.

  5. Resident Retention

    Resident Retention Strategies for Property Management

    Retaining a resident is an important aspect of property management. The loss of a resident results in a lost opportunity of maximizing your income. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest your time and effort creating resident retention programs that keep your residents so content with your property that they don’t want to leave.

  6. Tenant Retention Ideas

    Tenant Retention Ideas for the Holidays

    It’s that time of the year. It’s the holidays! While you’re checking off people off your holiday shopping list, don’t forget to do something for your residents, also. It’s a great strategy for tenant retention because it makes your residents feel appreciated and welcomed.

  7. tenant retention e-mail marketing

    E-mail Marketing Tools for Tenant Retention

    Keeping track of birthdays, newsletter releases, and renewal days can be a tricky business if you have lots of tenants. Luckily, there are tools you can use to organize groups and set up alerts so you won’t forget to send out that e-mail reminder or greeting card.

  8. welcome tenants

    Giving Tenants a Great Move-In Experience

    Here are a few easy ways to give your new tenant a warm welcome and show them they’ve made the right choice in renting from you.

  9. Daquella manera (flickr)

    Space Heater Safety for Property Managers

    One of the more common ways your tenants will heat up is to utilize a space heater, either purchased by the tenant or provided by you. It’s important to recognize their risks and provide detailed do’s and don’ts to your renters about their use.

  10. tenant churn

    The Cost of Tenant Churn

    The main reason landlords should focus on tenant retention is to minimize the financial loss when a renter moves out.