twitter tips

  1. Peter Olsen

    Tips for Agents Using Twitter for Real Estate

    How do you sell homes on Twitter with only 140 character limit? Well, you probably don’t, but using Twitter for real estate is an option many […]

  2. Twitter for Rentals

    Twitter for Real Estate Agents: Accounts to Follow

    The best way to use Twitter is to make discoveries with content, to help you grow and obtain new ideas. Here are some suggestions for where to start.

  3. opensourceway (flickr)

    3 Twitter Mistakes for Your Professional Account

    Make sure you’re leveraging Twitter to your professional advantage, or else it’s not going to bring in leads, despite the work you put into it.

  4. Tweeting Your Way To Success

    Tweeting Your Way To Success

    Here are some small ways industry insiders are using Twitter to break through cluttered news feeds.