1. Twitter for Rentals

    Twitter for Real Estate Agents: Accounts to Follow

    The best way to use Twitter is to make discoveries with content, to help you grow and obtain new ideas. Here are some suggestions for where to start.

  2. Zillow Rentals Social Media Listings ListingTwist

    Real Estate Social Media Roundup -- January 11, 2013

    We at Zillow Rentals know that social media savvy is essential to a fully realized marketing strategy for rental professionals. Because of this, we decided to […]

  3. opensourceway (flickr)

    3 Twitter Mistakes for Your Professional Account

    Make sure you’re leveraging Twitter to your professional advantage, or else it’s not going to bring in leads, despite the work you put into it.

  4. stay in touch in rentals

    How to Use Twitter to Get in Touch

    If you already have a Twitter account, here’s a way to get the conversation started with potential clients, leads, tradesmen and community leaders.

  5. petesimon.jpeg

    Twitter for Property Managers

    You’ve done the easiest part of putting your property management office onto Twitter: setting up an account. Now you need to engage your followers and encourage renters to follow you. What do you Tweet so that your time spent on social media is worthwhile and informative to everyone involved?

  6. Blog Roundup

    The RentJuice Blog Weekly Roundup - January 13, 2012

    Here’s what happened on the RentJuice Blog this week.

  7. Twitter for Rentals

    Twitter Decoded: Twitter Symbols for Rental Marketing

    If you’re new to Twitter or just a beginner, you may find all of the symbols used in Tweets to be a foreign language to you. It can look very intimidating and confusing. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what all of these symbols mean and how you can use these for rental marketing.

  8. Email-readability-deliverability-function-300x100.jpg

    Improve E-mail Readability, Deliverability and Function for Rentals

    Enhance and improve your e-mail’s readability, deliverability and function with these 3 e-mail marketing tips.

  9. Add-as-friend.jpg

    Be Found: Using Social Media to Increase Your Rental Business's Visibility

    How do you spread word about your rental business? Use social media to spark interest in prospective renters and current clients to drive them to your website.

  10. Part I: Better Craigslist Subject Lines: Practices to Avoid

    Part I: Better Craigslist Subject Lines: Practices to Avoid

    Some listings get more clicks than others, getting them off the market faster. Learn what the formula is for a “good” subject line and elements what you should avoid.