Test Your Apartment for Bedbugs – Accurately!

get rid of bedbugs

Flickr by cuttlefish

New York City’s bedbug problem has presented a huge headache for property managers. Not only are bedbugs hard to get rid of, but the process of confirming, exterminating and determining landlord liability can get messy. The good news: you can stop with the paranoia, because the new Bed Bug Blue Fecal spot Detection Kit can now confirm your pesk suspicions.

Bed Bug Blue (TM) was released in February 2012, and is all about making it easier to detect the presence of bedbugs on your property by testing for bedbug poop. True to its name, the test helps you see if your unit has bedbugs by testing the dark dots on your mattress and sheets that could be stains from bedbug feces.

The super-portable kit contains a bottle of solution, cotton swabs, and detection tape. All you need to do is swab the stained spots, rub it into the detection tape and add some solution. If the tape turns blue, you’ve got bedbugs. The test detects for the presence of bedbug feces instead of blood, which is a much more reliable indication of infestation.

The arrival of such an easy – and reliable, as far as tests have shown – bedbug test means that consumers can now test at home instead of hiring a professional. The test is currently available in a pack of 100 at usbedbugs.com, but smaller kits, containing 9-10 tests, will be available by the end of the month. For more information, or to watch a video of how the product works, check out The Bedbugger.

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