The Apartment Rental News – April 10, 2012

apartment rental news

Image by kalmyket via Flickr

Multifamily rentals are still the hot housing trend for the second quarter due to stricter lending standards and luxury apartment rentals attracting the younger generation. The surge in multifamily construction also presents a risk down the line of an ‘apartment bubble’ burst.

Multifamily Bonds Surge to Record High – Multifamily property sales are at an all-time high this year, at a 53% increase from a year ago and totaling to $3.8 billion in January 2012.

Real Estate Market to Bloom in 2Q? – Despite the predictions of positive growth in the home sales market for spring, there are a few factors holding back buyers, such as an increase in lending standards, increased mortgage premiums, and the appeal of luxury apartment complexes that have it all.

Real Estate Buyers Should Rely on Investigation, Rather than Emotion – When shopping for a home or apartment, use your senses, be skeptical, and talk to the neighbors to get a complete idea of what the property offers.

Should a Buyer Ask a Seller for Landlord Tips? – Is it okay for the first-time landlord to ask the seller for landlord advice?

Are We Building an Apartment Bubble? – Apartment vacancies are at their lowest since 2001, but are investors and developers taking advantage of the shortage by overbuilding multifamily homes?

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